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writing your own sales pages, email campaigns, or

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Let someone who knows your healthcare industry do the work for you. We’re here to serve you while you serve others.

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You’re passionate about serving others, but as a clinician… do you struggle to market yourself?

Odds are, you didn’t start a business to write sales pages and automated email sequences.

And I 100% get it! As a former private practice owner who published an Amazon best-selling book about my profession, I whole-heartedly understand how hard and time-consuming it is to write messages that will actually spark action.

Hi, I’m Lauren 👋

I’m the founder of The Copy Clinicians, where we are your target audience.

I’m a medically-based speech-language pathologist, author of But My Speech is Fine, and copywriter who is passionate about advocating for healthcare workers.

So passionate, in fact, that I’ve decided to start a copywriting agency for clinicians, by clinicians. Because big marketing agencies don’t understand the nuances of your clinical target audience.

We understand how to keep things authentic, humanized, de-sterilized, and fun. That’s exactly how we build your message.

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Hire writers who are also your target audience.

We know what speech-language pathologists go through, which frustrations occupational therapists are up against, and the goals of physical therapists. Odds are, we’ve likely used your product or service before (or have worked with clinicians who do!)

We’re also passionate about the craft of writing that makes an impact.

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“Hiring Lauren as a copywriter was one of the best decisions I’ve made for my business. I’ve worked with other copywriters who did an okay job but they didn’t ‘get’ my industry. Hiring a copywriter who knows the healthcare industry is invaluable. On top of being a skilled writer, she’s organized, efficient, proactive, and makes amazing suggestions that improve the performance of our campaigns."

Jena Castro-Casbon, CEO at The Independent Clinician

Save hours, days, or even weeks by hiring a Copy Clinician to do your market research, write your message, and set your business up for success.

Writing an email sequence, a sales page, or social media ads is more than just putting words on the screen.

Your message has to be clear. It has to resonate with the right audience. And it needs to convert.

Instead of spending time in Google Docs or explaining how to write about CEUs to a non-clinical copywriter, we do the work for you.

🙌 With pizazz. 🙌

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"Lauren gets the medical jargon side of things and the copywriting side of things, which translates to beautiful copywriting that gives us results. She sets realistic expectations and winds up going above and beyond every single time. You can’t find this anywhere else!"

- Theresa Richard, CEO of The Medical SLP Collective

We’re more than copywriters- we’re communication experts.

The Copy Clinician Team is a creative den of speech-language pathologists.

Not only have we been in the trenches of clinical training and practice, but we have specialized training in language, communication, and social skills (We still have our awkward moments, though...).

We fine-tune our words to make them as accessible as possible. We know how to write in a trauma-informed way.  We know how to craft thoughts into words, words into messages, and messages into action.

"I was nervous at first about outsourcing something that would be such a prominent part of growing my business but I’m so glad I did! The process was straightforward and fun! I 100% recommend The Copy Clinicians- I knew this wasn’t my forte and outsourcing it to them made it so EASY!!”

-Danni Augustine, CEO at Speech Goods