Meet our Copy


The Copy Clinicians is the solution to a problem we see everywhere.

Clinician business owners know their audience, but most non-clinician copywriters and marketers don’t. Even with extensive online research, no one but clinicians can truly understand their target audience’s pains, frustrations, inside jokes, and aspirations. This can lead to inauthentic marketing, awkward writing, or messaging that just doesn’t resonate.

As clinicians who write for clinicians, we get it. Not only do we get it, but we share your passion. We’ve had to advocate for our own services, and now we want to advocate for yours.

Our Values


“Seek to understand.”


“Bring the wow.”


“Leave a mark.”


“Get aligned.”


“Show your hand.”


“Dig deeper."

Lauren Hermann

Founder, Copywriter

Lauren started out as a medical speech-language pathologist back in 2012. She served patients in the emergency room, ICU, cardiac ICU, stroke unit, cancer unit, inpatient rehab, outpatient rehab, and within her own private practice. Her passion for serving others and writing powerful stories led her to publish an Amazon best selling book, But My Speech Is Fine, which marketed the entire profession of speech-language pathology through true and inspirational stories.

Her book is now being used across several universities as required reading for future clinicians.

When she isn't promoting other clinicians, you can find Lauren hiking on a mountain, practicing Spanish with locals, or plant sitting for strangers. When it comes to creature comforts, Lauren will tell you with conviction that pizza and chocolate have healing powers.

Olivia Bayer


A truly multi-passionate person, Olivia is a medical speech-language pathologist and copywriter. She has spent years working in a Level I Trauma Center and on the road as a mobile modified barium swallow (MBS) SLP.

As a clinician, Olivia lives and breathes all things ICU, dysphagia, and videofluoroscopy. As an SLP turned Copy Clinician, Olivia brings a unique perspective when it comes to creating content for clinician-led businesses. She’s passionate about crafting pieces that turn your dream clients into loyal customers. Writing emails, social posts, and blogs (that people actually enjoy reading!) are her main jams.

PS: If you love to travel and/or have a guilty pleasure for Starbucks cold brew, Olivia will want to make you her new BFF.

Mona Rose

Director of Operations

If operations were an orchestra, Mona would be the virtuoso conductor making sure every section plays in harmony. She ensures that everything behind the scenes at The Copy Clinicians runs as smoothly as a freshly brewed cup of her favorite hot cocoa. You might see Mona on some of our strategy calls - especially as we set up your emails and automations for you.

Mona crafts streamlined systems and fine-tunes workflows to make life easier for everyone. Her approach to automation and sustainable growth isn’t about quick fixes; it’s about laying a strong foundation for consistent, top-notch output.

Originally from the vibrant city of Singapore, she now calls the United States her second home. She’s multilingual, fluent in English, Malay, and Arabic, and has a budding interest in Italian—because why not? When she’s not tinkering with spreadsheets or flowcharts, she can be found with a book, sipping hot cocoa, cuddling with her cat, dancing to her favorite tunes, or daydreaming about owning an alpaca farm.

Astrology aficionados, you’ll be thrilled to know she’s a Virgo — yes, just like Beyoncé.

Ashley Bailey

Operations Assistant

We love to call her Bailey here at TCC, and her heart is full of compassion for our clients.

She has spent years working an an Online Assistant as well as being certified in American Sign Language. She will always answer the call when someone needs an interpreter.

Here at The Copy Clinicians, Bailey provides a warm embrace when it comes to customer service and makes our presenters feel comfortable when doing interviews.

She is a Texan, born and raised with her husband and two of their daughters. Bailey values diversity and honors all humans of all shapes and sizes. She is dedicated to making sure every client feels heard, accepted, understood, and valued.

P. S. She has an obsession with late night documentaries and hiding ice cream from the kiddos while having mommy time.